What do you do when all your markets close?

You bring the market to homes!

Michele Northrup, has been successfully producing community events and markets in the Tampa Bay Area for years. She has a group of over 200 local vendors who are dedicated to our community. When the CDC and our City made the decision to close all events locally these crafters/makers suddenly lost their weekly income. “We know it was the right decision to close all events in Tampa Bay, but what can we do for these vendors?”, says Northrup. That’s when she had a spark of entrepreneurial spirit! “We can bring the market to our customers!” she said.

Her concept is to bring a sampling of what you would find at a typical farmers market to your door! She sourced the best of the best from her local vendors to provide a $60 bag & a $100 box filled with items like: fresh produce, baked goods, sauces, spices, honey, hummus, teas, jam, dessert items, elderberry products, soaps & more! Delivery in the Tampa Bay Area (both sides of the bridge) is only $5.

This service is different than typical grocery store deliveries. These items are made by our neighbors, friends and family. The impact from the sales of these bags/boxes will go directly to our community.

If you have any questions you can contact Michele at 8132993600